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ICYMI: Sun Sentinel Editorial Board Calls for Florida Senate to Decline to Confirm DeSantis’ New Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo

In a scathing opinion piece, the Editorial Board of the Sun Sentinel called on Florida Senators to “reject unfit, unprofessional surgeon general” Dr. Joseph Ladapo. The surgeon general must be confirmed by the Florida Senate or risk losing his job. 

The Sun Sentinel editorial comes on the heels of Dr. Ladapo’s refusal to wear a mask during a visit to Senator Tina Polsky’s office last week. She had asked him to take the precaution because she had a serious medical condition. Senator Polsky received a breast cancer diagnosis in August.

Read key excerpts from the editorial below:

Sun Sentinel: Senators must reject unfit, unprofessional surgeon general | Editorial

By the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board

Key Points: 

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