FDP Spokesperson Jose Dante Parra Blasts DeSantis’ Formal Call for a Special Session

On Friday October 29 Governor Ron DeSantis formally called for a special session where the legislature will consider measures to prevent Florida businesses from implementing COVID-19 vaccination requirements for their employees. The Legislature has been ordered to convene from November 15 to November 19. Scientific studies show that vaccinations are the most effective way to slow the spread of the virus and prevent hospitalizations and deaths from the disease.

Florida Democratic Party Spokesperson Jose Dante Parra issued the following statement decrying DeSantis’s overreach: 

“Yet again Ron DeSantis is jeopardizing the health of Floridians by advancing dangerous policies that would continue to expose Floridians to the coronavirus in the workplace. It is all part of DeSantis’ pathetic attempts to please the most extreme anti-masking, anti-vaccination faction with the GOP base for his own political gain.

“Governor, you were elected to lead the entire state not just to rule in the name of a few. Florida businesses, large and small, should be allowed to protect the health of their employees and their customers through vaccinations.

“In spite of what he may say, DeSantis is no champion of freedom and no friend of the business community. In addition to strong-arming educators and local governments to prevent them from adopting prudent health protocols, he now wants to coerce businesses into leaving their workers exposed. It is no wonder that under this governor’s watch we have already lost nearly 60,000 Floridians to this pandemic.

“It is time to replace Governor DeSantis. He is a threat to public health in our state.”

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