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Marco Rubio Can’t Hide From His Votes For Corporate Tax Cuts And Opposition To Creating Millions Of Good-Paying Jobs

In a recent speech to the National Conservatism Conference, Marco Rubio tried to cast himself as a critic of big corporations and an ally of American workers. There’s only one problem: Rubio has a years-long record of supporting corporations and the wealthy at the expense of Florida working families.

“Marco Rubio has spent his time in the Senate voting to give handouts to corporations and his wealthy donors while opposing plans that lower costs and cut taxes for working families. Rubio’s latest speech is just another sign that he’ll say anything to advance his political ambitions while leaving hardworking Floridians behind as he prepares for another failed presidential campaign,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.

Rubio voted for the 2017 Tax Cuts And Jobs Act, which added $1.9 trillion to the national debt by slashing taxes for corporations and the wealthiest Americans. In the wake of the tax cuts, economic data showed corporations benefited even more than projected while wealthy shareholders – not workers – reaped the bulk of the rewards.

Rubio now stands opposed to the The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment And Jobs Act and Build Back Better agenda, which will continue to lower costs for working families by making health care and child care more affordable, extend tax cuts for the middle class, and invest in infrastructure projects that will create millions of good-paying jobs.


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