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Florida Democratic Party Chairman Praises Passage Of The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment And Jobs Act

Following the news that the House of Representatives voted to pass the bipartisan infrastructure package, Florida Democratic Party Chairman Manny Diaz released the following statement:

“From investments in roads and bridges that will cut commute times and keep Floridians safe to new funding that will bring clean drinking water and high speed internet to every community, this bipartisan infrastructure deal is absolutely critical to Florida’s future.

“Not only will this plan create millions of good-paying jobs across the country, it will help businesses across Florida compete with our rivals overseas. As climate change threatens our homes and communities, this legislation will invest in efforts to modernize our infrastructure to prevent the devastating effects of rising seas and superstorms that Floridians know all too well.

“I’m proud of Florida’s Democratic leaders for coming together to invest in our future. Unfortunately Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott voted against this vital infrastructure deal. Their cowardly refusal to support a plan that will boost the economy, create good-paying jobs, and tackle some of our most pressing crises is downright shameful. At a time when we need strong leadership, Floridians won’t forget that Marco Rubio once again prioritized his own political agenda over what’s best for our state.”


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