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What Floridians Are Seeing: Florida Stands To Massively Benefit From Infrastructure Investment While Marco Rubio Puts His Political Agenda Ahead Of Fixing Roads And Bridges

The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment And Jobs Act will be a much-needed economic boost for the state of Florida. From new funding to help fix Florida’s over 400 bridges and 3,500 miles of highway in poor condition to expanding broadband for the over 700,000 Floridians who currently lack it, the bill will create good-paying jobs, cut commute times, and boost Florida businesses.

New reports are showing just how much Florida stands to gain from the bill. Meanwhile, Marco Rubio is doubling down on his opposition to it, openly stating that he prioritized his own political agenda over investing in Florida’s infrastructure when he voted against it.

See below for highlights of what Floridians are seeing about the infrastructure deal and Rubio’s self-serving vote against it:

WESH: Sen. Rubio discusses voting no on trillion-dollar infrastructure bill

WTVJ: What the Infrastructure Bill Means for South Florida

Spectrum News 13: Federal dollars coming to Florida for road fixes

Tampa Bay Times: Editorial: How the new infrastructure bill will boost Florida


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