Joint Statement By Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz and First Vice Chair Judy Mount on the Passing of Pioneering Former Congresswoman Carrie Meek

On Sunday November 28th, trailblazing former Congresswoman Carrie Meek passed away in Miami at the age of 95 according to a statement released by a family spokesperson.

In reaction to these devastating news, Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz and First Vice Chair Judy Mount issued the following statement:

“Carrie Meek was the consummate public servant, a great pioneer and a tireless champion for the voiceless and the marginalized. Her trailblazing career opened countless doors for those who followed in her footsteps, and her accomplishments as a legislator rightfully earned her the respect of her peers and the love of anyone who shared her commitment to civil rights, education and economic development in her community. 

“It is telling that, in an age of rancorous political polarization, we are seeing so many heartfelt tributes to her legacy coming from politicians and public figures from across the ideological spectrum. It is a shining testament to her outstanding character, her hard work and her unyielding devotion to the causes she championed. Our state and our nation are greatly diminished by her loss.

“Our deepest condolences to her family. May each of them find the strength, the courage and the grace to navigate the difficult days ahead.”

On a more personal note, Chairman Diaz added the following reflections on his own relationship with Congresswoman Meek:

“For me, the passing of Congresswoman Meek marks the end of a treasured friendship spanning four decades. She was an inspiration and a mentor whose advice was crucial at key times in my life. I consulted her before making decisions, including running for Mayor of Miami. We fought alongside one another on so many issues: single member districts, Haitian legalization, bilingualism, and diversity among others, building bridges in our once very divided city. 

“I was deeply inspired by her unwavering honesty, integrity and resolve to fight for what she believed in, never backing down on what she knew to be right and just. To me, she was like a political mother and will be irreplaceable in my life.”

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