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ICYMI: Rubio Has A Lot Of Explaining To Do. When He Shows Up, That Is

In a recent column, the South Florida Sun Sentinel editorial board takes Marco Rubio to task for putting his partisan political agenda ahead of what’s best for Floridians and failing to show up for work. Among Rubio’s many failures the board calls out are his recent vote to cut Medicare and crater the economy, his long history of skipping out on his job, his abandonment of reforms to help immigrant communities, and his opposition to a landmark disability rights law.

As the editorial board put it, “Floridians deserve better” than Rubio’s failures and “record of irresponsibility.” Read highlights from the editorial below:

South Florida Sun Sentinel: Rubio has a lot of explaining to do. When he shows up, that is
By the South Florida Sun Sentinel Editorial Board

Key points:

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