Florida Democratic Party Chair Urges Governor DeSantis to Denounce Instances of Alleged  Voter Fraud from GOP Actors Across the State

Recent media reports indicate that three residents of The Villages have been arrested and face charges for allegedly casting multiple ballots in the November 2020 election. Two of them are registered Republicans and the third has no party affiliation, although social media posts on a Facebook account appearing to belong to him exhibited pro-Trump posts.

“From the case involving a ghost candidate allegedly inserted into a South Florida State Senate race by former GOP Senator Frank Artiles, to the recent revelations that two registered Republicans and a presumably pro-Trump independent have been arrested after allegedly casting multiple ballots in the last presidential election, it is clear that the Republican Party of Florida has a voting fraud problem in its ranks.

“Governor DeSantis has cast himself as a foe of voter fraud, yet he remains silent as evidence piles up that actors belonging to his own party have been involved in electoral shenanigans. He is quick to act to curtail voting access when it would suppress Democratic-leaning voters, yet takes no action to denounce bad actors aligned with the interests of the Florida GOP.

“In his efforts to bolster former President Trump’s ‘Big Lie,’ he has undermined confidence in our state’s safe and secure electoral system, even proposing to create a police force to address the exceedingly rare instances of voter fraud. He should be careful what he wishes for. From the evidence we’ve seen so far, the doors that would be knocked on could overwhelmingly belong to members of his own party.”

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