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Florida Democratic Party Condemns DeSantis For Inaction As COVID Cases Surge Again

Florida is once again suffering one of the worst COVID outbreaks in the country, with the largest single-day increase of new cases in state history occurring recently. And yet again, as tens of thousands of Floridians fall sick every day, Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans are refusing to back measures that will prevent infections and save lives. Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Marcus L. Dixon released the following statement on the recent COVID surge:

“There’s a simple reason why more people are getting infected in Florida than almost any other state in the country: Republicans like Ron DeSantis have spent the year downplaying the effectiveness of vaccines and actively opposing commonsense measures that keep people safe. And now as another surge is upon us, Governor DeSantis is asleep at the wheel! Where is he? It’s time for our governor and his Republican allies to take this issue seriously and stop trying to score political points by ignoring the pandemic. If they don’t, innocent Floridians will continue to pay the price for Ron DeSantis’ incompetence and inaction.”


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