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Floridians Are Paying The Price For Marco Rubio’s Lack Of Leadership

Where is Marco Rubio? 

The Senator’s last public event in Florida was two months ago. Since getting called out for failing to show up for his job in the Senate, Rubio has missed nine committee hearings, including meetings on small business development, seniors issues, and critical foreign policy discussions about Afghanistan. 

“When Floridians need strong leadership the most, Marco Rubio is once again nowhere to be found. Not only is he skipping out on his job in the Senate, he’s failing to show up in Florida to help keep people safe from COVID and get our state back to normal. Sadly this is what Floridians have come to expect from Rubio, who’s shown us time and again that he’s more focused on advancing his own political career than doing the job he was elected to do,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox

Inaction and incompetence from Republican state leaders has exacerbated the recent COVID outbreak, causing mass school absences and hours-long waits for tests. Yet all Rubio has to offer are tweets denying a problem exists and spreading misinformation. This isn’t the first time Rubio has abandoned Florida in a time of need. In August during the state’s deadliest outbreak of COVID, Rubio flew off to Iowa to chase another failed presidential campaign, dedicating more time to political fundraisers than helping address the ongoing public health crisis. 


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