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Marco Rubio Skips His First Public Committee Hearing Of The Year

So much for starting the new year off on the right foot. After getting called out in November for missing over a dozen important committee hearings last year, and skipping even more in the final weeks of 2021, Marco Rubio is still failing to show up for his job. Today he skipped the first public meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of the year. 

“Where is Marco Rubio? His repeated failure to simply show up for work is an insult to the hardworking Floridians who pay his salary. If Rubio is going to spend this year promoting his own self-serving political agenda instead of showing up for work, Floridians will see to it that he won’t have a job to show up to after November,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 

Rubio’s years-long failure to show up for his job is leaving Floridians without a voice on critical issues. In addition to skipping hearings on key foreign policy matters like the Afghanistan withdrawal, Rubio has recently failed to show up for hearings on protecting seniors from scams and supporting small businesses – issues critical to Floridians. 


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