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Marco Rubio Skips His 18th Special Committee On Aging Hearing In A Row

Where is Marco Rubio? Not showing up for Florida seniors. Today marks the 18th hearing of the Special Committee On Aging that Rubio has failed to show up for. Rubio has gone two and a half years without there being any evidence of his attending a hearing for this committee, likely missing over a dozen important discussions impacting over one in five Florida residents.

“Marco Rubio represents over 4.5 million seniors, more than almost any other Senator, and yet he’s too focused on his own political agenda to bother showing up for work to fight on their behalf. After spending years supporting cuts to Medicare and Social Security, Rubio’s failure to do his job is another shameful attack on Florida seniors,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 

Here are just a few issues the committee investigated that Marco Rubio felt weren’t important enough to show up for: 


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