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ICYMI: Health Care Worker Slams Marco Rubio For Blocking A Program To Lift Florida Children Out Of Poverty

Thanks to Democrats, families of over 3.5 million children across Florida got a monthly tax cut last year that helped them make ends meet and afford essentials like gas, groceries, and housing amid the rising cost of living. The expanded child tax credit in the American Rescue Plan helped lift hundreds of thousands of Florida children out of poverty, yet Marco Rubio and Rick Scott voted against it and pledged to oppose renewing it this year. 

Kaderah Bryant, a health care worker at a hospital in St. Petersburg who works with new mothers and infants, recently wrote an op-ed for the Tampa Bay Times slamming Rubio and Scott for their “heartless dereliction of their duty” in opposing the CTC expansion and highlighting how it has helped her family.  

Tampa Bay Times: Op-ed: The expanded Child Tax Credit is a lifeline for working families

By Kaderah Bryant 

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