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FACT CHECK: Marco Rubio Voted Against Funding For Florida Law Enforcement

Marco Rubio can’t run from his vote against billions of dollars for state and local governments that could help fund police departments across the country, including over $200 million in Florida used to give pay bonuses to Florida first responders and law enforcement. 

“Marco Rubio fought tooth and nail against critical funding that Florida police departments need to keep people safe. Try as he might to cover that up, Floridians won’t forget that Marco Rubio put his political agenda ahead of our state’s first responders and police officers,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox

The American Rescue Plan provided $350 billion to bolster state and local governments, and guidance from the White House encouraged local officials to use the funding to hire more law enforcement officers and invest in new equipment to help officers better respond to violent crime. Before voting against the ARP, Rubio attacked it as “irresponsible” and “ridiculous.”  


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