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Statement: Governor DeSantis Prioritizes His Political Ambitions Over the Health and Safety of Working Families

As Governor DeSantis lies about monoclonal antibody treatment effectiveness and supply, Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz issued the following statement:

“It is ludicrous that Governor DeSantis is promoting antibody medicines that, according to the companies that created them, are proven to be ineffective in preventing or treating 99% of current infections. It is beyond dangerous for him to try to convince people otherwise simply because he wants to create a political issue that he can campaign on.

“Let’s set the record straight: the Biden Administration continues to ship thousands of doses of effective COVID treatments every day. The only treatments that have been suspended are those that have been proven to be ineffective. So why is the Governor giving people false hope about drugs that do not work and create adverse side effects?

“In the last week alone, the Biden Administration has provided Florida with 34,000 doses of a variety of treatments that are proven to work against omicron, including antiviral pills, vaccines and boosters, and other antibody treatments. As highly as the Governor thinks of himself, he is not a doctor and doesn’t know more about medicine than the people who make the medicine. He has a responsibility to stop lying to working people and take the politics out of science and healthcare.”