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BREAKING: Marco Rubio Has Skipped Every 2022 Foreign Relations Committee Hearing

Today, Marco Rubio failed to show up to another hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, his fifth missed hearing of the committee in a row. While critical foreign policy decisions are at stake, Rubio hasn’t shown up to a Foreign Relations Committee hearing yet in 2022. 

“Hardworking Floridians are paying Marco Rubio’s salary yet he fails to show up for work. Florida deserves a full-time Senator, and if Rubio won’t commit to doing his job, he deserves to be fired in November,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 

Marco Rubio has a history of failing to show up for his job in favor of pursuing his self-serving political ambitions. During his failed presidential campaign, he skipped national security briefings to go to campaign fundraisers. More recently, Rubio failed to show up for important discussions of seniors issues’, aid to small businesses, and national security when he missed over a dozen committee hearings throughout the fall of 2021. 


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