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Marco Rubio Votes Against Funding For The Everglades, Then Complains About A Lack Of Everglades Funding

Thanks to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Florida is getting critical new resources to help fix the state’s infrastructure and invest in restoring the Everglades. But if Florida Republicans had their way, the state would be getting nothing, and they’re doing everything they can to run from their votes. 

Rick Scott touted the bill’s benefits last week, until he got called out for trying to take credit for the legislation he voted against. Meanwhile Marco Rubio appeared at a press conference this week to complain about the Everglades needing more support, despite voting against the bill that included one of the largest single investments in the Everglades on record. 

“Marco Rubio can’t hide that he opposed one of the largest investments on record to protect the Everglades, an essential part of South Florida’s economy and ecosystem. After raking in campaign cash from corporate polluters, Rubio continues to put his own self-serving political agenda ahead of protecting a critical resource treasured by millions of Floridians,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox

Rubio’s vote against the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is not only a vote against the Everglades, it’s a vote against new funding that will help fix over 400 bridges and 3,500 miles of road across the state, invest in Florida’s ports and airports to help lower costs for consumers, and bring clean water to every Floridian. 


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