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Florida Republicans Voted Against Creating Good-Paying Jobs at Airports and Ports

For several decades, Florida’s airports and ports have experienced a level of underfunding and neglect that have left them unable to keep up with the pace of our economy. Over the past year, Floridians have been experiencing that neglect first-hand: supply chain bottlenecks, higher prices, canceled flights, and all-too-frequent delays.

However, President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is poised to fix these issues and get people and goods moving faster again. By providing funding for key infrastructure upgrades at Florida’s airports and ports, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will dramatically cut travel and shipping times, reduce business costs, lower the price of goods that pass through these critical hubs, and ensure that our economy has the foundation it needs to reach its full potential.

Crucially, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will rebuild our airport and port infrastructure by investing in working families. That means creating thousands of new, better-paying, blue-collar jobs in industries with high union density and with the strongest possible worker protections. 

Floridians will be put to work building modern runways, waterways, shipping lanes, electric vehicle charging stations, air traffic control towers, and passenger terminals. One study shows that rebuilding Florida’s infrastructure will create nearly one million jobs, the third or fourth most in the country. 

Nevertheless, despite claiming to care about these issues, Florida Republicans remain opposed to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Not a single one voted in favor of the bill and the $20 billion impact it would have on Florida’s working families.

“This is just another element of Republicans waging a war against workers,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Travis Reuther. “Unless they want to explain why they voted on party lines against one million new jobs for Floridians, they should stay away from the ribbon-cutting ceremonies, new infrastructure projects, and job sites that are going to rebuild Florida’s economy in a way that puts workers first.”

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