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Statement: With No Proof of Widespread Voter Fraud, Florida GOP Proposes $6 Million Election Investigation Force

In response to the passage of SB 524 by the Florida Senate Committee on Elections and Ethics, Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz issued the following statement:

“Governor DeSantis and Republicans are showing once again that they are willing to play politics with state resources to try to exert as much influence over our democratic election process as possible. Without any indication or proof of widespread voter fraud, and after bragging that Florida’s election administration was successful, the Governor and his allies are pushing a disturbing proposal to allocate nearly $6 million to hiring sworn law enforcement officers and other investigators that he can control to ‘investigate, detect, apprehend, and arrest anyone for an alleged violation’ of election laws, create a chilling effect on voting, and sow even more distrust in our elections.”


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