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Marco Rubio Skipped Today’s Aging Committee Hearing

Marco Rubio continued his years-long record of failing to show up for Florida seniors today when he skipped a hearing of the Special Committee On Aging on improving Medicare and Medicaid services. 

“Florida seniors enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid deserve a Senator who will show up for them when it counts and defend the programs they rely on to get the health care they need. Marco Rubio’s decision to skip this hearing is the latest sign that he’ll always put his own self-serving agenda ahead of Floridians’ access to affordable health care,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.  

In addition to skipping today’s hearing, Rubio has a history of attacking and working to undermine Medicare and Medicaid. He has long supported changes to Medicare that would cut benefits to future enrollees, including turning it into a voucher program. Earlier this week, Florida seniors gathered to hold a virtual press conference calling out Rubio for failing to show up to Aging Committee hearings and supporting cuts to Social Security and Medicare. 


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