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In The Years Since Parkland, Marco Rubio Has Broken His Promises To Floridians

In the immediate aftermath of the Parkland mass shooting, Marco Rubio said he would support some common sense reforms to help reduce gun violence. In the years since, however, he has opposed meaningful legislation to do that, and still ranks near the top of the list of Senators who have taken the most money from the NRA. 

“As we commemorate the anniversary of Parkland, Floridians are sick and tired of inaction, and they’re fed up with cowards like Marco Rubio who will cave to the gun lobby instead of doing what is right. Rubio had the chance to support common sense bipartisan legislation that would help save lives after 17 of his constituents were tragically murdered in a mass shooting four years ago. But he was too weak to step up, and has failed to fulfill his promises to Parkland survivors and Floridians who want an end to gun violence,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 

In the years following the Parkland shooting, Marco Rubio has failed to support bipartisan background checks legislation and claimed that more common sense gun safety legislation would not have stopped the tragic shooting. After promising Parkland survivors that he would support a bill to raise the minimum age for buying a rifle, he cravenly backtracked only weeks later. Rubio’s history in the Senate also includes voting down bills to crack down on gun trafficking and limit high capacity magazines, something he said he supported after Parkland. 


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