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Marco Rubio Skips Hearing On Combating The FARC And Stopping Drug Trafficking To Promote Himself On The Radio

While the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was meeting today to discuss how the U.S. can ally with the Colombian government against FARC rebels and hearing testimony from a State Department official in charge of combating drug trafficking, Marco Rubio was nowhere to be found. He failed to show up to the hearing, in addition to skipping today’s meeting of the Commission On Security And Cooperation in Europe. Instead, Rubio spent the day posting on Twitter and promoting his campaign on Florida radio.

“In case Marco Rubio is confused, working to stop drug trafficking is more important than going on the radio to promote his political campaign. Rubio is once again putting his own self-serving agenda ahead of the job he was elected to do, and the Floridians who pay his salary aren’t getting their money’s worth,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 


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