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Does Marco Rubio Agree With Rick Scott’s Plan To Raise Taxes On Working Class Floridians?

Today Rick Scott, Chairman of the NRSC released a policy agenda full of toxic ideas he wants his fellow Republican Senators to campaign on and promise to implement. Buried in his economic plan is one particularly bad idea: a proposal to raise taxes on millions of Americans including working class Floridians and retirees who spent a lifetime in the workforce. Scott wrote that his plan is what Republicans “must do” if they take back power, which raises the question: does Marco Rubio support this plan to raise taxes on working class Floridians and seniors? 

“Marco Rubio voted to add trillions to the deficit to cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy. Now that Rick Scott is telling him to support a plan to force retirees and working class Floridians to pay more taxes, Rubio owes millions of Floridians an answer about whether or not he supports this disastrous plan,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.  


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