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Marco Rubio’s Self-Serving CPAC Speech Falls Flat

While Marco Rubio spoke to a mostly empty ballroom at CPAC this morning, Floridians who didn’t pay for expensive tickets to the luxury resort to see him speak have been demanding he help them make ends meet as their cost of living goes up. Instead, Rubio has vowed to oppose legislation that would help lower the cost of health care, child care, and more for millions of Floridians. 

Just this week, he wouldn’t rule out the new Republican agenda that would raise taxes on retirees and working class families across Florida. 

“After Marco Rubio spent the week refusing to rule out raising taxes on millions of Americans, including retirees and working class families across Florida, his pathetic attempt to promote himself at CPAC fell completely flat. Florida deserves a real leader who shows up for work and puts working people first, not a spineless politician like Marco Rubio who skips out on his job to promote his political ambitions,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.  

From skipping national security briefings in favor of attending fundraisers to flying off to Iowa while Floridians suffered a deadly COVID outbreak, Marco Rubio has long made a habit of abandoning his constituents to pursue his failed dream of running for president. His speech at CPAC today was no different. Instead of discussing any plans to tackle Floridians’ rising cost of living, Rubio’s rambling address was another sign that he’ll always put his own political ambitions ahead of everyday Floridians. 


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