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As His Fellow Republicans Headlined A White Nationalist Conference In Florida Where Attendees Praised Putin, Marco Rubio Stayed Silent

Just hours after Marco Rubio took the stage at CPAC in Orlando, Republican colleagues of his spoke at the white nationalist America First Political Action Conference just down the road. Yet even as other Republican leaders condemned the event, Rubio couldn’t muster the courage to denounce the hate-filled gathering taking place in his own state. 

“Marco Rubio was too weak to condemn his fellow Republican members of Congress for speaking at an event where attendees celebrated the January 6 attackers who beat police officers, praised Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler, and cheered on racist and antisemitic comments. Condemning white nationalists shouldn’t be hard, but Rubio’s refusal to say anything as they rallied just minutes from where he was speaking is a shameful failure to stand up for the Floridians he serves,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 

Organized by a prominent attendee of the 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, the America First Political Action Conference featured attendees cheering on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, celebrating the January 6 attack as “awesome,” and even praising Adolf Hitler. For two years now, the conference has taken place in Florida just minutes away from CPAC. 


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