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As President Biden Is Creating Jobs and Fighting Inflation, Rubio and DeSantis Carry Water for Donald Trump and Rick Scott

Last night, President Biden used his State of the Union to make the case directly to Americans that his agenda is delivering for working families by lowering costs, creating jobs, increasing wages, and getting our country moving again. Biden also used the opportunity to show that under his leadership, the country, and the world, stands united in opposition to Vladimir Putin’s horrific war on Ukraine.

Today, it appears that President Biden struck a chord with most Americans – with 71% of those who watched reacting positively. After the speech, 62% said that Biden’s economic agenda would move the country in the right direction, a 12% jump compared to before the speech.

President Biden also received praise for his historic nomination of Miami-native Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. Representative Frederica S. Wilson said, “I’ve known her and her family since she was a little kid and I’m overjoyed that President Biden chose this phenomenal woman as his pick. I will dance in the streets of Miami when she is confirmed.”

However, not everyone got to enjoy President Biden’s speech. Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Marco Rubio both staged boycotts, preferring instead to devote their time toward carrying water for Donald Trump and Rick Scott.

When asked about Donald Trump calling Vladimir Putin “savvy” and a “genius,” Rubio jumped at the chance to do a little PR work for the former President, saying Trump was just being “sarcastic.”

For his part, DeSantis also refused to condemn Trump’s comments praising Putin, and went a step further by declining to follow the longstanding protocol of sending Florida National Guard troops to Washington, D.C. for the State of the Union.

So if Rubio and DeSantis can’t bring themselves to applaud President Biden’s job creation numbers or denounce Putin’s war on Ukraine and his attempts to undermine democracy, what do they stand for? Our best guess: Rubio and DeSantis wholeheartedly agree with their Republican colleague Rick Scott and his calls to raise taxes on half of Americans, including working families and retirees.


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