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Florida Editorials: Scott-Rubio Tax Plan Is “Un-American” And “Absurd”

The Republican Party’s new agenda to raise taxes on millions of Americans, including Florida seniors and working families, recently got Marco Rubio’s full support. As WFTV reported, Rubio “says he supports the tax hike.” Meanwhile, editorial boards across the state have panned the GOP’s plan as “un-American” and “absurd.” As the Orlando Sentinel wrote, “none of it should happen.”  

See below for more highlights from recent editorials slamming the new tax plan Marco Rubio endorsed: 

Miami Herald: Rick Scott’s plan isn’t about “rescuing” America. It’s much more mercenary than that 

Orlando Sentinel & South Florida Sun Sentinel: Rick Scott’s un-American plan to ‘rescue America’

Palm Beach Post: For better or worse, Rick Scott lists what GOP stands for


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