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Marco Rubio Skips Committee Hearing On The U.S. Ambassador To Finland As Finland Considers Joining NATO

Marco Rubio failed to show up to today’s Foreign Relations Committee hearing in which the committee voted on the nomination of the U.S. ambassador to Finland, a potential new entrant into NATO as Russia’s war on Ukraine continues. 

“At a time when America’s allies need our full support, Marco Rubio’s consistent absence from Foreign Relations Committee hearings is a shameful failure to do his job. Instead of preparing for his next cable news interview to score more points for his self-serving political agenda, Rubio should start showing up for work,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 

Rubio has a history of failing to show up for important foreign policy meetings in favor of promoting himself and his campaign. During his failed run for president, he made news for skipping national security briefings to go to fundraisers. 


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