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Florida Democratic Party Statement on February Jobs Report

Following the news that the U.S. added 678,000 jobs in February, as the unemployment rate dropped from 4% to 3.8%, this statement should be attributed to Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Travis Reuther:

“Today’s jobs numbers are further proof that President Biden’s economic plan is delivering results for everyone, not just the wealthy. Since he signed the American Rescue Plan into law last March, President Biden and Democrats have prioritized policies that create jobs and help working families put food on the table. The result is an economy that is recovering faster than anyone expected and putting hundreds of thousands of people back to work every month.

“Any Florida Republican who tries to take credit for this economic recovery should have to answer for the fact that they staunchly opposed the American Rescue Plan every step of the way. They should also have to answer why their party’s sole alternative, the Rick Scott-Marco Rubio plan, would raise taxes on the poor and working families and vulnerable seniors that are struggling the most.”


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