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ICYMI: Marco Rubio Called Out For Jeopardizing Ukrainian President’s Security

During a video call members of Congress held with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy this weekend, Marco Rubio decided to potentially risk Zelenskyy’s security to score points on Twitter. Rubio   tweeted out an image of the call and refused to delete it, despite Ukrainian officials telling members of the call not to share images of the meeting on social media in order to protect Zelenskyy. 

Rubio was widely condemned by leaders on both sides of the aisle for putting his self-serving agenda ahead of America’s allies. See below for highlights from the coverage:   

MSNBC: “We should note that despite requests not to tweet out images of that Zoom call, some lawmakers, namely Senator Marco Rubio, did so.” 

FOX13 Tampa: “[Rubio] and another Republican Senator are coming under fire for sharing photos during that meeting.” 

NBC: Two GOP senators share photos of Zelenskyy during call after lawmakers asked not to by Ukraine

Miami Herald: Rubio dismisses criticism of posting photo from a Zoom call with Ukrainian president

Rolling Stone: Marco Rubio, Steve Daines Ripped for Sharing Pics of Zelensky Meeting After Being Told Not To

Florida Politics: ‘Reckless’: Marco Rubio bashed for sharing pics of live meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskyy

The Hill: Two GOP senators share photos from Zoom call with Zelensky despite requests not to

Slate: Ukraine Asked Lawmakers Not to Share Photos of Zelensky During Call. Two GOP Senators Did it Anyway.

Washington Examiner: Senators slammed for endangering Zelensky by posting photos of meeting

Insider: GOP Sens. Rubio, Daines face backlash for sharing photos of Zelensky on social media after being asked to protect his safety


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