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BREAKING: 40.5% of Floridians Would See A Tax Increase Under Republicans’ Plan

A new analysis from a non-partisan think tank shows Florida Senator and NRSC Chair Rick Scott’s Republican agenda would raise taxes on tens of millions of Americans

According to new data released yesterday, Republicans’ economic agenda – which they have promised to pass if successful in this year’s midterm elections – would raise taxes on 40.5% percent of Floridians, including fixed-income seniors, people making minimum wage, and poor and working-class families.

This revelation comes as Senator Ron Johnson confirmed Monday that Republicans plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act if they take control of Congress and the White House. This means that over 100 million Americans with preexisting conditions could lose their insurance protections, Americans with private insurance could see their premiums skyrocket, women could be charged more for their insurance, and an estimated 21 million Americans could lose their health insurance completely.  

“Republicans are finally admitting what they would do if they gain majorities in Congress, and it is no surprise that their main goals are to raise taxes on workers and strip healthcare coverage from seniors with preexisting conditions,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Travis Reuther. “Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and every Republican in the state should have to explain why they think 40% of us should be paying higher taxes and higher premiums at the doctor’s office.”


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