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Marco Rubio Continues His Years-Long Quest To Cut Social Security And Medicare

Marco Rubio has spent his career in the Senate working to undermine the health care and retirement benefits Floridians spend their lives earning. Six years ago today, he promised to raise the retirement age and privatize Medicare at a GOP debate in Miami. Now, Rubio is refusing to condemn the new GOP plan that sunsets Social Security and Medicare. 

“Floridians who work their entire lives deserve to retire in dignity with the earned benefits they spent decades contributing to. But Marco Rubio cares more about advancing his own political career than protecting programs that keep Florida seniors out of poverty, and he’s too weak to rule out a new dangerous plan his party leaders are pushing that sunsets Social Security and Medicare,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.

Rubio’s efforts to undermine Social Security and Medicare go back years. He proposed raising the retirement age and privatizing Social Security when he ​first campaigned for the Senate. And after voting for a massive tax giveaway to big corporations and the wealthy in 2017, Rubio suggested cutting Medicare and Social Security to help pay for it. 


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