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Marco Rubio Voted Against Infrastructure Funding, Then Demanded More Money For Florida Airports

Thanks to the Infrastructure Investment And Jobs Act, nearly 100 Florida airports are getting critical new funding that will help create jobs, improve safety, and lower costs. But if Marco Rubio had his way, Florida’s airports would lose out on over $240 million in funding for revitalization projects, leaving travelers and businesses behind. Not only did Rubio vote against the new infrastructure legislation, he’s now trying to cover it up by asking for more funding for Florida airports. 

“Marco Rubio can’t hide his vote against a plan to fix our airports and lower costs for Florida travelers and businesses. Investing in our airports is an essential part of growing our state’s economy, but Rubio once again put his own self-serving agenda ahead of doing what’s best for Florida,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.  

This isn’t the first time Rubio tried to score points by asking for infrastructure funds he voted against. He also appeared at a press conference to demand more support for the Everglades, despite voting against the infrastructure package that included one of the largest single investments in the Everglades on record. 


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