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Marco Rubio Votes Against Critical Legislation To Send Aid To Ukraine And Fund Capitol Police

Last night, Marco Rubio voted against a government funding bill to send billions of dollars in much-needed aid to Ukraine, provide resources for survivors of domestic abuse, fund the Capitol Police, and ensure vital government programs have the resources they need to keep serving Americans. 

“Marco Rubio once again put his own agenda ahead of doing the right thing, opposing crucial bipartisan legislation in a self-serving attempt to score cheap political points. Rubio’s vote was a slap in the face to the hardworking Floridians who would see their paychecks cut off in a government shutdown, our allies in Ukraine, and survivors of domestic violence. If he can’t put their interests ahead of his selfish political goals, he deserves to be fired,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox

The legislation Marco Rubio voted against included a number of critical spending priorities, including: 


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