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Ron DeSantis Is All Talk, No Action When It Comes to Florida’s Immigrant Communities

The following statement should be attributed to Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz:

“Once again, Ron DeSantis has shown how deep his hypocrisy goes. Though he claims to stand with the Venezuelan community, the truth is he is pushing anti-immigration laws that could send thousands of Venezuelans back to the socialist, murderous regime he says he opposes. His policies are putting our immigrant community in danger by canceling faith-based programs that house unaccompanied minors and stripping shelters of desperately needed resources.

“Instead of further hurting our immigrant communities, DeSantis needs to remember that a year ago, it was President Joe Biden who enacted Temporary Protected Status for the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans living in the United States after fleeing Maduro’s regime and who want to become contributing members to our society.

“It is time that DeSantis stops using the Venezuelan pain and tragedy for his own political gain, and starts delivering policies that actually help our Venezuelan brothers and sisters who live in our community.”

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