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New Reports: Senate Republicans’ Plans Would Raise Floridians’ Taxes And Threaten Social Security And Medicare

Marco Rubio refuses to denounce his party leader’s dangerous new agenda that would raise taxes on millions of Floridians and could lead to Social Security and Medicare cuts, even as new reporting has shown that Florida would be one of the states hurt most by the GOP’s new plan. 

“Three weeks after his party boss began pushing a disastrous new agenda to jeopardize Social Security and Medicare and raise taxes on millions of seniors and working Floridians, Marco Rubio still refuses to denounce the plan. Our state deserves leaders who aren’t afraid to stand up to their party to defend what’s best for Florida, not a spineless career politician like Marco Rubio,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 

See below for coverage of new data on the GOP’s dangerous new economic agenda: 

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