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Failing To Deliver For Florida: Marco Rubio’s Vote Against Government Funding Was A Vote Against Floridians’ Needs

In a shameful attempt to score political points at the expense of everyday Floridians, Marco Rubio voted against critical government funding legislation last week to provide vital resources Floridians rely on. If Rubio had his way, thousands of Floridians could have had to go without a paycheck amid a government shutdown. In addition, Florida public schools, police, survivors of domestic violence, and important infrastructure projects would have seen much-needed funding withheld. 

“It’s absolutely shameful that Marco Rubio would try to score political points by opposing funding to help survivors of domestic violence, fund our police, and help defeat Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Rubio’s self-serving vote is just the latest sign that Floridians can never depend on him to do what’s right for them.” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 

Some of the most significant programs Rubio voted against in the funding legislation include: 


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