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Failing To Deliver For Florida: Marco Rubio Voted Against Funding For Our Police…Again

Marco Rubio voted against providing over a million dollars in critical funding to Florida police departments last week when he opposed a bipartisan government funding bill. Resources in the bill will be used to expand the city of Orlando’s highly effective body camera program, provide Capitol Police officers with the resources they need to protect the U.S. Capitol, and fund other police departments across the country. 

“Marco Rubio always puts his personal political agenda ahead of what’s best for Florida, even when it means shortchanging our police departments and law enforcement officers. Trying to score political points by voting against the brave men and women who keep our communities safe is exactly why Floridians can’t count on a career politician like Marco Rubio to stand up for them,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.  

This isn’t the only recent example of Rubio voting down critical police funding. He also opposed the American Rescue Plan, which was used to give pay bonuses to Florida first responders and law enforcement. The ARP provided $350 billion to bolster state and local governments, and guidance from the White House encouraged local officials to use the funding to hire more law enforcement officers and invest in new equipment to help officers better respond to violent crime. 


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