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Failing To Deliver For Floridians: Marco Rubio Voted Against Critical New Funding To Help Protect The Everglades

Marco Rubio continued his streak of voting against important funding to protect the Everglades when he opposed legislation last week that included $350 million in new funding for water infrastructure projects in South Florida. 

“Millions of Floridians depend on these investments to protect their communities from flooding, and preserve the unique environment of the Everglades. Voting against funding to protect the Everglades is another sign that Marco Rubio cares more about his self-serving agenda than doing the right thing for the communities he was elected to serve,” said Florida Democratic Party Spokesperson Grant Fox.   

The Everglades are set to benefit from an unprecedented level of investment in water infrastructure projects to protect wetlands and estuaries in South Florida. Yet Marco Rubio has voted against nearly $1.5 billion in new funding for the Everglades. In addition to his most recent vote, Rubio opposed the Infrastructure Investment And Jobs Act, which included the largest ever single investment in protecting and restoring South Florida’s Everglades. 


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