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Marco Rubio Refuses To Disavow Rick Scott’s Plan To Raise Taxes, Jeopardize Social Security And Medicare

As Rick Scott triples down on his agenda to raise taxes on millions of Floridians and jeopardize the Medicare and Social Security benefits Florida seniors worked their entire lives to earn, Marco Rubio is still too weak to rule out his plan. 

“Rick Scott hasn’t minced words: he wants Republicans to join him in raising taxes on millions of Floridians and putting their Medicare and Social Security benefits at risk. Marco Rubio’s cowardly failure to explicitly disavow Scott’s agenda sends a loud and clear message to Floridians that he’s too weak to do the right thing for them,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox

In addition to staying silent on Scott’s agenda, Rubio has a long history of working to undermine Medicare and Social Security. He proposed privatizing Social Security when he ​first campaigned for the Senate, and promised to raise the retirement age and privatize Medicare during his failed presidential campaign. After voting for a massive tax giveaway to big corporations and the wealthy in 2017, Rubio even suggested cutting Medicare and Social Security to help pay for it. 


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