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REMINDER: Marco Rubio Refuses To Help Venezuelans Stay In America After Fleeing Maduro

Marco Rubio doesn’t have the courage to support the over 320,000 Venezuelans in America who have been granted Temporary Protected Status after fleeing Maduro’s regime. Instead, Rubio wants to eventually strip away the protections that allow Venezuelans to stay in America and force them to return home. 

“Tens of thousands of Venezuelans who fled Maduro’s brutal oppression have come to Florida and started businesses, attended school, and helped grow our state’s economy. But instead of supporting policies to help Venezuelans build a life in our state, Marco Rubio is too weak to stand up for them,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox

Despite his recent attempt to cover up his position, Rubio hasn’t changed where he stands. Polling and news coverage show that Venezuelan voters in Florida are turning against Rubio for failing to stand up for them. Leaders have called Rubio’s cowardly refusal to support a path to permanent status “a slap in the face” and “a callous abandonment” of their community 


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