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Marco Rubio Hosts D.C. Fundraiser After Skipping Key Foreign Policy Hearings…AGAIN

After failing to show up to hearings of the Foreign Relations Committee and Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe Wednesday, Marco Rubio made time for a fundraiser in Washington. 

Yesterday, he did the exact same thing, skipping hearings on U.S. ambassadors in Asia and protecting Ukrainian refugees from human trafficking and instead prioritizing another campaign fundraiser.

“In the past three days, Marco Rubio has gone to more fundraisers for his campaign than committee hearings he was assigned to show up at. Floridians elected him to do a job, but Rubio is more focused on his political career than showing up to work,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 

Marco Rubio has a long history of skipping out on his job to raise campaign cash. He made headlines during his failed campaign for president for going on fundraising trips instead of attending important national security briefings. 


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