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Florida Democratic Party Statement on Governor DeSantis’ Congressional Map

The following statement should be attributed to Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz:

“It is appalling, but not surprising, that the Republican Legislature has abdicated its constitutional duty to draft and pass Congressional maps to the Governor. As proven by the proposed map released today, Governor DeSantis is hell-bent on eliminating Congressional seats where Florida’s minority communities have the ability to elect representatives of their choice and he is imposing his own partisan political preferences on Florida’s Congressional map. These actions fly in the face of Florida’s Fair District Amendments, the citizen’s initiative that added fairness standards to the Florida Constitution that must be followed when redrawing Congressional and legislative districts. 

“With almost 63% of the vote, Floridians approved Fair Districts because Floridians believe that voters should choose their politicians instead of politicians choosing their voters. Apparently, Governor DeSantis neither believes in the will of the people’s vote nor their ability to choose their representatives. 

“If the Legislature proceeds with its intended course of action, the Congressional map will be challenged in court.”


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