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Florida Democratic Party Hosts Tax Day Press Conference Outside Rick Scott’s Office to Slam GOP Tax Hike

Earlier today, the Florida Democratic Party marked the arrival of Tax Day by holding a press conference outside Rick Scott’s office in Miami to discuss the Senator’s plan for Republicans to raise taxes on more than 40% of Floridians, including seniors and working families.

Studies show that Senator Scott’s plan would raise taxes on more than 40% of Floridians, and 97% of these new taxes would be paid by people making less than $100,000 per year. Under this proposed GOP Tax Hike, middle-income households would see their taxes increase by an average of $450 per year, while households making less than $27,000 annually would pay an average of nearly $1,000 more in taxes.

By contrast, President Biden has proposed a Billionaire Minimum Income Tax that would ensure the rich pay their fair share without increasing taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 per year.

“We all know that Republicans have always favored the ultra-wealthy and large corporations. In 2017, Republicans in Congress, including Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, voted to cut taxes for their wealthy donors and big corporations, creating a $2 trillion deficit in the process. Today, Republicans led by Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, the wealthiest member of Congress, want to raise your taxes,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz. “They don’t think seniors are paying their fair share in taxes. If you don’t make $100,000 per year, your taxes are going up.”

“These are working class Floridians who are already struggling to make ends meet. When Republicans last controlled Congress, they lowered taxes for the very rich. Now, they are giving you their message. If they regain control of Congress, they are going to tax the poor, the working families of America in order to keep the ultra-wealthy from having to pay any more in taxes,” said Diaz.

“On this Tax Day, Senator Scott is taking a deep dive in shallow waters rather than representing the interests of his constituents, especially seniors,” said Laurie Plotnick, President of the Florida Democratic Senior Caucus. “Let’s get this straight: Senator Scott wants to raise taxes on seniors while sunsetting Social Security and Medicare. That is a prescription for disaster. His plan was welcomed by Senator Rubio and Republicans and it would be devastating for seniors. The last Republican tax break helped the top 1% in the country. Now they want to bankrupt the rest of us. Seniors wish Senator Scott would work toward our quality of life instead of casting us aside with callous disregard.”


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