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New Data: Millions Of Floridians Would See Tax Hikes Under Scott-Rubio GOP Agenda

As Floridians file their taxes today,  data from the Senate Joint Economic Committee sheds new light on just how many Floridians would see their taxes go up and retirement benefits threatened if the Republicans’ disastrous new agenda were implemented. But even as experts from across the political spectrum have denounced Scott’s plan, Marco Rubio is too afraid to stand up to his party boss to disavow it. 

“If Rick Scott and Senate Republicans had their way, four out of ten Floridians would be forced to pay more on tax day, and over 4.5 million Floridians who earned Medicare and Social Security could see their retirement benefits sunset. Marco Rubio’s refusal to stand strong and rule out this agenda is another example of his cowardly failure to do what’s best for Florida,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox

Numerous recent studies have shed light on just how destructive Scott’s plan would be for Floridians: 


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