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Earth Day Reminder: Marco Rubio Has Spent Years Denying Climate Change

As Floridians mark the 52nd Earth Day today, strong majorities of Democrats and Republicans across the state are worried about climate change. Not Marco Rubio. He’s spent his time in the Senate catering to the corporate polluters who fund his campaign instead of doing what’s best to protect Florida communities from flooding and other damaging effects of climate change.  

“While Floridians have spent years battling rising flooding, pollution, and superstorms, Marco Rubio spent years ducking responsibility,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. “Rubio’s history of climate change denial is more proof that he will follow his party leaders and special interest donors instead of standing up for the Floridians he represents.” 

For years, Rubio refused to admit that climate change is driven by human activity and voted against legislation that would help Floridians manage rising sea levels: 


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