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Marco Rubio Supports A New Republican Plan To Raise Taxes On Floridians

In a new interview this week, Marco Rubio came out in favor of Florida Republicans’ scheme to eliminate the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which local officials say could lead to massive property tax increases on Florida residents and unleash an over $1 billion “debt bomb” that taxpayers could end up stuck with.

“After Marco Rubio refused to disavow Rick Scott’s disastrous agenda to raise taxes on millions of Floridians, he’s endorsing yet another plan that could mean higher taxes and more debt for his constituents. While many Floridians are struggling to make ends meet, Marco Rubio isn’t focused on lowering their costs and improving their quality of life, he’s focused on scoring political points for himself,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.  

As new reporting revealed, Republicans’ new plan could mean property tax increases as high as 25% on Central Florida homeowners, and lead to skyrocketing rents in an area where residents are already struggling with high housing costs.   


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