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Marco Rubio Puts His NRA Donors Ahead Of Saving Floridians’ Lives

When it comes to protecting Florida’s children and communities from senseless gun violence, Marco Rubio has failed. In the wake of another tragic mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Rubio is too cowardly to take action, instead putting his gun lobby donors ahead of commonsense legislation that will save lives.

“Marco Rubio cares more about keeping his party leaders and special interest donors happy than keeping Floridians safe from gun violence. Rubio has raked in more than $3 million in campaign contributions from the NRA, while standing against common sense legislation to prevent mass shootings. Rubio’s spineless response to another tragic mass shooting makes it clear that he’ll never step up to put an end to gun violence,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 

Marco Rubio has long stood in the way of legislation to stop gun violence and publicly attacked commonsense gun safety measures: 


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