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Reminder: Florida Republicans’ Fight to Restrict Reproductive Freedom Is Massively Unpopular

As Florida Republicans eye a total ban on abortions, Republican elected officials across Florida should be forced to answer for their party’s ultra-Maga agenda of radically restricting reproductive freedom.

After Ron DeSantis signed a massively unpopular 15-week abortion ban this year, the strictest in state history, Republican lawmakers in Florida have been talking up the possibility of an even-more-radical complete abortion ban without any exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother. 

Republican state Rep. Webster Barnaby confirmed that he intends to introduce a bill that would do exactly that, while incoming Florida Senate President Kathleen Passidomo signaled that she was on board with banning all abortions, saying, “There’s always a chance. Right now we have a Republican majority.”

However, Republican lawmakers are acting against the will of the people that they represent. The evidence is clear: the majority of Floridians believe that people should be allowed to make their own healthcare decisions, and the government should not encroach upon decisions that are between a woman and her doctor.


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