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Marco Rubio Gets Called Out For Putting NRA Donors Ahead Of Keeping Floridians Safe From Gun Violence

Marco Rubio’s cowardly refusal to support common sense legislation to help prevent gun violence in the wake of recent mass shootings is far from the first time he’s put the gun lobby ahead of keeping Florida communities safe. 

After the Newtown shooting in 2012, he publicly announced he’d oppose gun safety legislation and joined other Republicans in threatening to filibuster new gun laws. In the aftermath of shootings at Pulse Nightclub and in San Bernardino, Rubio voted against measures to expand background checks. And just last week, he voted against a bill to crack down on domestic terrorism in the wake of the Buffalo shooting. 

As Rubio doubles down on his refusal to support gun safety legislation after recent mass shootings, Floridians are slamming him for siding with the NRA instead of taking action. See below for highlights from recent columns calling out Rubio’s cowardice: 

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